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A Show & Kel review: The Boys on Amazon is a #MustWatch.

  • Take Heroes Season 1, knead in Amazon gratuitously to accentuate the adult themes, throw in some Karl Urban because he’s just cool, sprinkle on a #MeToo sub plot, make sure not to cook on the overused Marvel setting, and this show comes out gritty with aggressive spice that leaves you left wanting more.
  • Such a breath of fresh air after being spoon-fed Marvel all these years.
  • I appreciate the direction this was taken. It isn’t cheesy, it isn’t campy. I don’t find myself laughing at costumes or poor acting like I have with so many poor superhero adaptations.
  • Notable acting by the entire cast.
  • The writers can’t avoid some political commentary which is slightly annoying. There are some personal issues they feel compelled to express through this medium.
  • Antony Starr’s portrayal of Homelander is so fun to watch. You’ll love to hate him.

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