Today I’m delighted to announce Show & Kel: A TV show discovery and tracking app designed to help you find shows worth watching.

There are many streaming services today, with more arriving soon (Disney, Apple, Warner, and NBC to name a few). With Show & Kel, you can easily see all of the shows you have added to your watchlist organized by network. And with the convenient premiering list, you can plan which services you want to pay for next month.

Download the app for iOS and Android today.

Have you ever gotten into work on a Monday and heard your co-workers talking about a new TV show they have been watching? With the Show & Kel app, you can add this show to your watchlist and easily keep track of upcoming episodes. And once you have caught up watching a show, the app will let you know when a new season is premiering right in your watchlist.

You can easily browse seasons and episodes of TV shows to see how many seasons a show has, or how many episodes you have left to watch. When you have watched all episodes of a show, press the I’m Caught Up button and it will automatically be hidden from your watchlist until new episodes arrive.

The best TV show recommendations come from your friends, a co-worker, or maybe a TV critic you follow on Twitter. There is one thing in common with all of these: they aren’t computers. This is going to be a big focus in the app, with the first of many features being curated reviews by yours truly.

These quick reviews will follow the format Must Watch, Watch, and Don’t Watch and will feature a bulleted list of thoughts. They are designed to get you in and out so you can spend more time watching good shows. I’m also not a writer, so I’ll leave the more in depth reviews to some of my favorite critics.

I hope you enjoy using Show & Kel and find it as useful as I do.

Download the app for iOS and Android today.

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