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The best way to discover and track TV shows you want to watch.

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Discover the best TV shows to watch

Watch trailers for upcoming TV series, read curated recommendations, and see the most anticipated and popular shows out there.

Keep up with TV news

Never miss a new TV show or trailer by reading the latest in TV news. TV shows will be easily referenced so you can add the most intriguing ones to your watchlist.

Easily choose what to watch next

Keep track of TV shows you want to watch by adding them to your watchlist. They will automatically be sorted by rating allowing you to watch only the good shows.

Plan your streaming services

There are a lot of streaming services. Plan your subscriptions by seeing current and upcoming shows for each network in your watchlist.

View seasons and latest episodes

Be notified of upcoming series and season premieres so you can keep up with your co-worker’s Monday spoilers.

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